I love trails that are all purpose, meaning that can be used all year long for various activities. Casalis State Forrest located on Route 123 in Peterborough is one of those trails. It is enjoyable any time of year and can be used for hiking, dog walking, mountain biking, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.  Also the reason why I picked it as one of my favorite winter hikes due to the varsity of the trail as sometimes I want to go cross country skiing, but do not want to pay so it is nice to have options that are free. Casalis State Forest Trail is about a 2.75 mile loop past a small pond, along a stream and through the woods.

After descending from the parking lot you come along a beaver pond.  This is a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of some wildlife.  After leaving the pond you continue up a small incline.  The main trail veers left, but there is another branch of the trail that goes straight, I’m not sure where it goes.  I recommended going left to complete the loop.  About a half mile further up the trail there is another split.  You can go can either way as this is where the loop starts and ends. Do not worry if you miss the split you will loop around anyway.  When you get halfway through the loop there is another trail that branches off the main trail and goes to Condy Road in Peterborough.  Along the way you can enjoy the tranquility of the forest and the flowing stream. On one of my hikes through the forest a friend and I pushed over 10 deer, which was pretty cool. All ages and abilities recommended for this trail.