Author: Jacquelyn O'Connor

Waterfall Winter Fun

One of my favorite natural environments is being around or playing in a waterfall. I love listening to the rushing water, being able to dunk my head under after a warm hike and in the winter seeing it frozen or covered in snow.  Living in the Monadnock Region we have very limited access to any type of quick water let along waterfalls. I recently discovered a little waterfall gem in the area, Tucker Brook Falls. The waterfall is located in Tucker Brook Town Forrest in Milford, NH.  Not quite the Monadnock Region, but close enough so it is worth...

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Loverens Mill Winter Wonderland

One of the best things about the hiking community I am slowly developing in the area is the knowledge of trails. I am constantly brainstorming with group members about local trails. My number four trail is brought to you by my friend and group member. I have recently learned that there are many hiking trails in Antrim. Loverens Mills Cedar Swamp is one of the trails located in Antrim off of Route 9 on Loverens Mill Road, and one that should not be overlooked, especially in the winter. A little fun fact about the area: “Atlantic white cedar swamps...

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A Stroll Through Casalis State Forest

I love trails that are all purpose, meaning that can be used all year long for various activities. Casalis State Forrest located on Route 123 in Peterborough is one of those trails. It is enjoyable any time of year and can be used for hiking, dog walking, mountain biking, snow shoeing and cross country skiing.  Also the reason why I picked it as one of my favorite winter hikes due to the varsity of the trail as sometimes I want to go cross country skiing, but do not want to pay so it is nice to have options that...

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Exploring Gilson Pond

This weeks second winter hike is brought to you by my constant searching for new trails. Running a local hiking group can be a little difficult as I am also looking for new trails to take my group on. There are more trails than I realized in the Monadnock Region and it is sometimes hard finding them all. That is where I am thankful for friends who show me some of their favorite local trails. One day this winter a friend invited me to hike around Gilson Pond, in Monadnock State Park. I had never been there and thought...

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Explore Wales Preserve in the Winter

During the winter months it can be difficult to get outside. It is cold and dreary and I have heard many people that live in the region say that hate the winter months. For me this is hard to believe because this is one of my favorite times of year. Many people do not think that hiking is a winter activity. For me hiking in the winter is one of my favorite times to be out exploring the woods, especially after a fresh fallen snow. If you are thinking, sure that’s nice if you are able to spend a...

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