Author: Kimberly Graham

A Woman Can Do It All!

As women entrepreneurs, specifically those working in an at-home business with small children, we have a never ending cycle to our work. The first cycle is: school in/school out. How much we can get done at our office job depends on if school is in session or the kids are home over Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, February break, April break or summer break. If you are a customer during those periods of time, be warned that emails may not get answered on time or if they are, expect a reply at ten in the evening. Orders may get a...

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Conval Track Team

Thanks to Savannah Hall for sending us this feel good story and the photo! On January 6th, the indoor track team at Conval ventured to Plymouth State to compete. Many of the students achieved personal records as well as placing and scoring points for the team. This photo was taken at the end of the track meet as a tradition they are trying to keep alive for indoor track each year at the Plymouth State Meet. Featured are Savannah Hall and a co-athlete posing in their victory...

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Happy New Year!

This story is not about what my New Year’s Resolutions will be because honestly, I don’t make them. Instead I make New Month and New Week Resolutions. By the time you have broken them on, let’s say, a Tuesday, you can have a fresh start the following Monday! I like most of you have had a difficult year, loosing friends and family, wishing I had saved more money, wishing I had lost some weight and wishing I was better at time management. I like most of you have also had a wonderful year. I have traveled and have had...

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295 Views so far!

Out of all of the promotions we have done and all of the promotional partners we have had so far, this is the one which people actually come up to me and mention. “I was worried it was too long.” I say. “Oh no, it was very informative, and so personal.” Ok, well I will take it! And Siobhan will take it too. Since this video was posted on our Facebook page in October and then subsequently on our You Tube channel it was been seen almost 300 times. And although none of us really want to be seen on video that many times, the results have paid off. Hearthside Family Health has seen an increase in patients and has been an educational tool for alternatives in family healthcare. Put the power of social media in your hands. Contact us today about a FB live...

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