Author: Kimberly Graham

Tracie’s Community Farm

Summer shares are available from Tracie’s Community Farm. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a concept bringing together farms and members of the community to share in a mutually beneficial relationship. Members purchase a share at the beginning of the season, providing farmers with money to buy seeds and supplies, cover their overhead, pay their employees, and a guaranteed customer base throughout the season. For 2018, the summer season will begin the week of June  11th and continue for 16 weeks until the week of September 28th. Each week, we harvest and wash the veggies that are at their peak flavor, and pack them into baskets. A weekly...

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Sun Moon Farm

Sun Moon Farm is an intentionally small CSA vegetable farm in Rindge, NH. We are now accepting members for our 8th season! Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model for connecting a community of people to the food they eat, the people that grow it, and to each other. Farmers and members share the risk and rewards of a growing season, celebrating the cycle from seed to table—we focus on growing the food and you can focus on enjoying it! Sun Moon Farm offers weekly shares of our harvest from mid-June through October to members who pay a set...

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First Friday Monadnock

First Friday Monadnock is here! We’ve been organizing #firstfridaymonadnock here at Go Monadnock since the fall to give a special little push to things that are happening on the First Friday of the month. Check out what’s happening for this Friday, April 6. Allday – Peterborough Camera is holding a buy/sell/trade/fix event at their store. Come and see what your old camera is worth and maybe pick up a new one for yo’self! Allday – Gaia’s Blessings is hosting the works of some mighty fine artists in her stop. Come check out what’s in her little shop. You will...

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Maple Weekend

This weekend is Maple Weekend all across the State of New Hampshire and we are lucky in that we have several Sugar Houses in the immediate area in which to tour and sample the sweet stuff. Here’s a listing of sugar houses within the towns of the Go Monadnock region: 1. Ben’s Sugar House, 38 Webster Highway (route 101), Temple -tours, maple cotton candy, hayrides, maple donuts 2. Beyond The Horizon Farm, 19 Gillis Road, Bennington 3. Connolly’s Sugar House, 140 Webster Highway (just off route 101), Temple 4. Dublin School, Dublin Road, just past the Alumni Field. 5....

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