Author: Nisa S.

Feeding a Finicky Family

So, once upon a time, my family all used to eat the same food. Before then, we couldn’t because my youngest had nut-milk-egg allergies. When she could finally eat milk and eggs, that was the best. Then she decided to become a fish-eating vegetarian.  Fine, there were a lot of dishes we could all eat together – lasagna, baked ziti, pasta with pesto, nachos, pizza…Then after a billion years together with me telling him this, the husband finally believed me when I told him that he is lactose-intolerant. That wiped out at least half the dishes we could enjoy...

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Taste Bud Adjustment

I grew up in a large-ish small city on the Canadian Prairies, but it was actually quite adventurous and global in its food scene, even more so now. My parents were big foodies and introduced my siblings and me to authentic Indian, Ukrainian, Greek, Ethiopian, Nepalese, Filipino, Jamaican, Thai, Mennonite, Austrian, French…oh the list is endless and filled with delicious food memories. My mom was an immigrant women's employment counselor so she was often invited into the homes of her clients for meals and I willingly tagged along as her +1. Imagine my surprise when I got Chinese take-out...

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Cooking Lesson: Rice

Rice. Such a seemingly simple thing to cook, but so easy to get not right. As a verifiable Asian, I grew up with rice in the rice cooker everyday. All the Asian families I knew had rice cookers so when I moved here to the woods of NH and many people questioned why I had a rice cooker when it was so easy to make on the stovetop, I flashed my Asian card and said, “uh, duhhh.” And yes, many people have. They have also asked if I put soy sauce on my white rice. Um, no. Having a...

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National Fruitcake Day?

  I have a confession: I love fruitcake. I love green cherries, red cherries, neon red bits and yellow bits. Nuts, no nuts, raisins, craisins, rum, brandy, whatever. I love it all. I didn’t always feel that way because it was cool to hate it when I was a teenager. Then one day, all the Christmas goodies were gone except the fruitcake and so I dared to try a nibble and I was hooked, wondering where it had been all of my life (everywhere, apparently). I don’t eat it every year because I forget about it – it’s a...

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