Rice. Such a seemingly simple thing to cook, but so easy to get not right. As a verifiable Asian, I grew up with rice in the rice cooker everyday. All the Asian families I knew had rice cookers so when I moved here to the woods of NH and many people questioned why I had a rice cooker when it was so easy to make on the stovetop, I flashed my Asian card and said, “uh, duhhh.” And yes, many people have. They have also asked if I put soy sauce on my white rice. Um, no.

Having a rice cooker frees up room and you don’t have to tend to the rice the way you might on the stovetop. It’s just easier and a preferable way to cook it. If you don’t believe me, go buy a good one (the ones with the non-stick pots) and see for yourself. If you only eat rice but 1x or 2x a month then of course you don’t need one.

Anyway, my husband takes 3x as long to cook rice as I do even though we both use the same rice cooker. He *measures* and I never have. I use the “finger method” to rice cooking. I made a lovely amateur video for all of you to watch and maybe you might learn a new tip (haha, get it?) or 2 so that you can get good rice every time. If you make it enough times this way, you can eventually level up to Pro Status and use the “eyeball method”. Until then: Patience, Grasshoppers. Skill will come with practice and time.

ETA: removing the lid before the cooking time will not only result in mushy rice, but partially uncooked rice as well. Don’t do it.