This weeks second winter hike is brought to you by my constant searching for new trails. Running a local hiking group can be a little difficult as I am also looking for new trails to take my group on. There are more trails than I realized in the Monadnock Region and it is sometimes hard finding them all. That is where I am thankful for friends who show me some of their favorite local trails.

One day this winter a friend invited me to hike around Gilson Pond, in Monadnock State Park. I had never been there and thought it was a great opportunity to check out a new trail and have some girl time. Located across from Throndike Pond Beach on Dublin Road in Jaffrey is the parking lot and entrance to the Campground for Monadnock State Park. During the open season there is a day use fee to access the trails in the campground. There are several trails around the campground with many that lead up to Mount Monadnock. With the cold temperatures the beginning of the year we just wanted to do an easy quick hike, so we took the Pond Trail around Gilson Pond.

The Pond Trail is a great little hike or snowshoe for the family during the winter months. The trail is easy and well marked.  It takes you around the Gilson Pond and provides partial views of Mount Monadnock and various views of the pond.  I did observe cross country ski tracks on the trail, but as someone who ski’s I feel you would have to be a decent cross country skier to ski on this trail due to the trees and curves in the trail. The loop is about a mile and a half around. There are also other trails that shoot off of this trail is you wanted to do more exploring.

Even though this trail is good year round, I really enjoyed it in the winter as you could get partial glimpse of snow covered Monadnock and it was easy enough to access if you did not want to spend a lot of time out on the trail. This trail is great for beginners and young families.