We have a small diversified farm where we try to raise/grow as much of our food as possible.  Four years ago we started the Homestead Sampler CSA.  We meant this weekly share to expose our members to all the products we grow and raise here on our farm in Temple.  Weekly shares included eggs, meat (lamb, pork & chicken), vegetables and herbs.  Eggs come in all size and colors from our flock of chickens who free range behind (mostly) portable electric fence in the summer and reside in a large sandy floor hoop house during the winter months.  We raise several breeds of sheep to supply us with lamb meat as well as fiber for processing in our own carding mill.  We raise a heritage breed of hog called a Mulefoot which are known for their tasty marbled meat, especially the hams.  Broilers are raised year round so you can find a whole roasting bird or cuts such as boneless breasts, thighs, wings and drumsticks in your share. We maintain small gardens and a high tunnel of heirloom and family favorite vegetables that are raised without any herbicides or pesticides and no commercial fertilizer is applied

Two different size shares are available (couple or family).  Shares are delivered free to homes in Peterborough, Sharon and Temple.  The Homestead Sampler CSA runs from May through September for the week’s you want it!  No need to pay for weeks you are traveling for work or vacation.  Couple size shares are $28/wk and Family size shares are $39/wk.


New for 2018 is our Farmers Choice CSA!  Eat like the farmers do!  This is a comprehensive CSA offering products from FiberDreams Farm as well as our family dairy, Connolly Brothers Dairy Farm.  You can choose a plan that provides you with only a couple days of locally raised food or purchase larger plans to eliminate weekly trips to the grocery store for dairy, meat and vegetables.  Shares are paid for monthly allowing you to change the size that is right for you and picking the weeks you participate around your schedule.  You pick the food you want to eat each week and email your selection to us, then your share is delivered to your home-no need to be home either just leave a cooler outside in a shady spot for us to drop off your share to!

Items you can select from each week include: eggs, raw milk, cheese, ice cream, vegetables & herbs (in season), pork, beef, lamb, chicken, maple syrup (while supplies last), milk soap and hand cream. CSA plans are purchased according to how many points you wish to use each week.  Email us for a sample menu that you can fill out to help determine what size plan would work best for you!  This CSA share is delivered free to homes in Peterborough, Temple and Sharon. Monthly shares are available year round but prices and sizes change slightly during the summer and fall months when vegetables are available.

Not convinced if a CSA is right for you?  Then join our delivery mailing list!  Each week we email what is available in our farm store. You can place an order and purchase items for the same price they are sold for at the farm and we will deliver them to your home in Peterborough, Sharon or Temple for $1 per order delivery charge. Live in a different town? You can arrange to pick up your order at the Peterborough Farmers Market, Fresh Chick’s Marketplace or at Connolly Bros Dairy Farm Store in Temple.

Please contact us through Email to sign up or have your questions answered: fiberdreams@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.fiberdreamsfarm.com/