Foggy Hill Farm is a family-run farm located in Jaffrey, NH. Our Community Supported
Agriculture (CSA) program allows members to have direct access to fresh, high quality,
and organically-raised produce grown right here in the Monadnock region.

CSA members commit to our farm by paying for a weekly share of produce upfront or in
installments. This early payment allows your farmers to plan for the season, purchase
seed and supplies, and to start the growing season.
In exchange for your commitment, the farm agrees to use appropriate, sustainable
resources and tools to provide families with bountiful weekly shares.
We grow over 30 different nutritious and delicious crops. We emphasize vegetables your
family already loves, and introduce new crops with recipes.

Share Sizes

At Foggy Hill Farm, we offer share sizes for every household. Our Single Person Share provides a bag of produce every other week. A Half Share provides a bag of produce every week. A Full Share is a great size for families with older children or for those who are intent on preserving small batches of food throughout the harvest season. Large families, multi-generational combined households will enjoy the Large Share.

What’s in a Share?


Each week, our vegetable shares contain about 5 to 8 different freshly harvested crops.  

In June and July, we harvest delicious salad and cooking greens, beets, broccoli, cabbage, peas, beans, new potatoes, onions, herbs, cucumbers and summer squashes.  

August’s harvest includes tomatoes, green peppers, new potatoes, fresh garlic, onions, herbs, salad greens, summer squashes and more.  

In September and October, we harvest tomatoes, peppers, new potatoes, fresh garlic, onions, herbs, salad greens, summer and winter squashes, broccoli, cabbages, and more.  

In November we feature winter squash, potatoes, salad and cooking greens, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions and garlic.

In addition to our shares, customers have the opportunity to purchase eggs, honey and flowers raised at our farm.


Pickup Times and Locations

Life is busy for every household so we conveniently offer a variety of days to pickup your veggies. For on farm pickup, customers can choose between Thursdays (4-6 pm) and Saturdays (11-1). We also offer a pickup at the Jaffrey Farmers Market on Mondays (3-6pm).

Our Seasons

Customers at Foggy Hill Farm can choose to sign up for the entire harvest season – from mid-June until Thanksgiving. We call this option the “Whole Shebang”:

_____ Single Person Share $165

_____ Half Share $315

____  Full Share $630

____  Large Share $910

We also offer the Main Season which runs from mid-June through October:

_____ Single Person Share $140

_____ Half Share $270

____  Full Share $540

____  Large Share $780


And for those of you who have your own Main Season garden or who miss the veggies at the farmers market in the fall, we offer the November Share:

_____ Single Person Share $25 (Two weeks in November)

_____ Half Share $45

____  Full Share $90

____  Large Share $130


Foggy Hill Farm is truly a family-run farm. Our children not only help on the farm, but in the kitchen as well. They remind us vegetables should be so delicious they can be eaten raw. We look for varieties that you will want to snack on at work or pack in your kids’ lunches. We provide simple recipes every week to help spark creativity in the kitchen. But, perhaps, most importantly we work very hard to keep our share prices reasonable so that households of every income level can afford to eat delicious, locally-grown and sustainable food.

For more info see our Facebook Page:

Christine and Andy Pressman have called Jaffrey home since 2011. With over 30 combined years of sustainable farming experience, they recognized the need for a community farm that serves local families. With this need in mind, they started Foggy Hill Farm.


Andy works full-time as an Agricultural Specialist and travels the country helping farmers implement sustainable farming practices. Andy also serves as a Supervisor with the Cheshire County Conservation District.  

Christine began farming in 1994. She has worked as farm educator to young children, farmed with adults with disabilities, and specializes in small scale, organic vegetable production.