12 years ago my husband and I moved to the Monadnock Region. We had lived in the Nashua area for a few years while finishing up our college educations. When we were ready to buy our first home we were eager to get out of the city into a more rural area and found home in the Monadnock Region. Growing up in northern Maine I missed living in a rural area, so I quickly grew to love my new hometown. My first birthday in our new home, my husband bought me a hiking backpack and the book, Hiking the Monadnock Region, by Joe Adamowicz. This book soon became my guide to the area. My husband and I set out to hike every trail in the book. Spending many weekends exploring this wonderful region.
Fast forward twelve years. We now have an eight year old daughter and we still love living here. I have become passionate about hiking and exploring the natural resources of the area. My family and I spend many weekends exploring the trails and waters around the Monadnock Region as well as expanding out travels around New England. A couple years ago friends started asking me about local trails and outdoor activities so I started my Facebook Page and Website, Getting Lost Together, showcasing my families outdoor adventures.
In the Summer of 2017, I was chosen to be an Ambassador for an organization called Hike Like a Woman. This is a world wide organization that is working to empower women to get outside more. By being an ambassador I am able to give presentations, hold events and lead a local women’s hiking group to educate and encourage more women to get outside and feel comfortable in the woods. The hiking group has pushed me to continue to explore new trails in our area with the goal of exposing these amazing women to this beautiful region we live in.
I know the weather this winter has been a little crazy, but to hold on to hope that there is still more snow to come, over the next 5 weeks I am going to share my top favorite winter hikes in the Monadnock Region. My hope is that more community members will get out and explore the beauty in our backyard.

Happy Hiking
Jacquelyn O’Connor
Hike Like a Woman Ambassador