This story is not about what my New Year’s Resolutions will be because honestly, I don’t make them. Instead I make New Month and New Week Resolutions. By the time you have broken them on, let’s say, a Tuesday, you can have a fresh start the following Monday! I like most of you have had a difficult year, loosing friends and family, wishing I had saved more money, wishing I had lost some weight and wishing I was better at time management. I like most of you have also had a wonderful year. I have traveled and have had some great staycations. I have made new friends, watched my kids grow and become little adults and have met some of my personal goals.


This morning, seeing as how it is New Year’s Day, we ventured off to church where the message was very relevant to all, religious or not. I’m paraphrasing when I say that the message was encouraging us all to not focus on the “loosing weight, saving money” resolutions, but focus on the “how can I use the talents I was given” lifestyle. In other words, find something you like, something you are good at and do it. Take small steps to achieve your goals. You don’t have to win a “major award”, but don’t get to the end of your life and have regrets. Make the time to use your talents to make your life more enjoyable and to help the world to be a better, more enjoyable place. This past year I have been able to take my passion for writing and event planning to a whole new level and I haven’t been happier! I love that I can give back and give other writers, photographers and creators a venue to showcase their talents. This year, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Having just been an inspiration to you, I’m now off to a party to eat a whole bunch of food that I am not supposed to be eating. On New Year’s Day no less! Happy New Year!