First Friday Collective Promotions.

First Friday Monadnock happens the first Friday of every month in the Eastern Monadnock Region. We showcase special events and special deals happening that day and evening in towns of the Conval School District (and Jaffrey due to proximity).

As always, listing your event on our calendar is free, but if you want to increase your promotional power then partner with us and we can do the promotional work for you.

As a promotional partner for First Friday Monandock you will:

-be listed on our calendar of events

-be listed as a featured event in our weekly “Top 5 Things” newsletter

-be listed as one of the events in our promoted FB event

-be listed as one of the events in our Instagram feed


Working in a digital sphere and working with small businesses we have priced this package at $15. 

We welcome all event listings: music, art show, theater performance, guest speaker, extended shopping hours, etc. We are always open for suggestions.

Newsletter Promotion $20

We will add your logo with a link to your website or event on our weekly newsletter showcasing the “Top 5 Things” to do this coming weekend. This goes directly into the inboxes of potential customers. It’s pretty much direct marketing.

FB Live at your event $75

We will spend about an hour at your business or event, learning about who you are and what you do. We will then create a promotional video which you can share and upload where you see fit. (Don’t forget that this is a great way to promote your event BEFORE it takes place to drum up some added interest)

Website Ads $140/week

Because we are digital, your ads can be seen anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. We will use a photo you provide or we can help you create an attention-grabbing ad Even better, we can tell you exactly how many people have seen your ad for the week you have chosen. Our site’s traffic generally sees 100+ people a week. Not bad for a start up! (in our humble opinion)