Most brides-to-be dream of that momentous day.  The day they can walk through the doors of a large bridal show and have their wedding plans unfold before their very eyes!  Well, it might not happen exactly like that but with a carefully laid out plan, anything is possible!


Here are 7 helpful tips to getting the most out of the bridal shows/wedding expos you attend:


  • Make a detailed list of all the vendors you wish to have as part of your wedding day. (Ex. Venue, photographer, videographer, bakery, officiant, florist, DJ, band, jeweler, printer, transportation, accommodations, travel agent, etc…) Purchasing a wedding planner book is always a good idea.
  • Decide on which vendors you’d like to focus on for that particular show. Remember, there are a lot of shows and you might not be able to see everyone in 1 day. Some shows span over a few days which is helpful.  Go online to the shows website and look at the vendors that will be attending.  Make your list!
  • Give yourself time to speak to each vendor that is on your list … there are a lot of distractions! Decide how long the show is open and how long you plan on being there.  Build in a little extra time to allow for conversations with multiple businesses offering the same services.  Often, they will have samples or examples of their work for you to see, try-on or taste.
  • Have a budget written down ahead of time for each vendor. Be upfront with them with what you are able to spend on their service. This will help you stay focused on what works for your wedding.  Why spend a lot of time with a vendor only to find out you can’t afford them?
  • Book appointments for visits with the vendors you are really impressed with so you keep on your schedule for the day.
  • Take pictures of the vendors work and their business card so when you get home you can reference it. There are a lot of similar vendors and you don’t want to get them mixed up.
  • Bring your wedding planner, fiancé, mother, maid of honor (aka support system) to divide and conquer! Having help to either share ideas with or to help collect information with is always a great idea, not to mention fun!