One of my favorite natural environments is being around or playing in a waterfall. I love listening to the rushing water, being able to dunk my head under after a warm hike and in the winter seeing it frozen or covered in snow.  Living in the Monadnock Region we have very limited access to any type of quick water let along waterfalls. I recently discovered a little waterfall gem in the area, Tucker Brook Falls.
The waterfall is located in Tucker Brook Town Forrest in Milford, NH.  Not quite the Monadnock Region, but close enough so it is worth the visit. The trail head is located on Savage Road. You park under the power lines in a small parking area.  There are a few different trails to do, but my favorite is to do a mile loop, called The Falls Loop where you walk along the power lines and into the wood. In the winter you walk along beside a beautiful ice covered stream with smalls cascades.  I can remember the first time I visited the trail I was worried that I had missed the falls, as the stream was becoming more narrow, but all of a sudden we could hear the rush of water and to our surprise a magnificent waterfall. For this being in Milford, I was quite impressed by its size.  There is logs to sit on to enjoy the waterfall.  I could sit there all day.  From here you are only about a five minute walk to the car. I recommend doing the loop to get a little big of a hike in. If you are looking to get away and enjoy a little peace and quiet in front of a waterfall without having to drive to the White Mountains, I highly recommend this little waterfall wonder in Milford.

I hope you all have enjoyed my five favorite winter hikes in the region.  Make sure you follow me on Facebook or at my website for more fun outdoor adventures.